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About this website

web development
First Draft in Figma
First Draft in Figma


This is my personal Blog and my playground. I built this website from scratch and on my own. I just want to write some blog posts about my journey in powerlifting, learning korean and web development.

My Role

I was the designer and the developer. And I am also the owner and admin of this page 😊.


I had no page where I can write about my thoughts. I also want to own my data and don't want to use a database for that. So I created this "small" website. All blogpost are saved as markdown files. So I can transfer them easily to other blog platforms if needed.

Also I want to experiment with this page. This page is not commercial. I don't care about SEO or performance. The latter may be a lie 🥸... But I always want to stay accessible. On this page I can do whatever I want. Use heavy animations or using fancy javascript stuff.

My Solution

To build this page I used the static site generator Eleventy. Eleventy produces with markdown plain html pages. In the first version this page doesn't have javascript. For styling I use scss, but can also be accomplished with plain css. As a Content Management System I use netlifyCMS. It is open source and free. With this CMS I can easily create markdown or json files without touching the source code. Everything is git-based. The implementation was easy so far. I like it.

Future goals

For the future I plan to add some features like search and comments. Maybe. My go-to framework would be alpine js. Alpine js is lightweight and more better suited for me than plain javascript.